Learning Objectives

GDC Development Outcome B

  • Define the term stress.

  • Describe signs and symptoms of stress.

  • Describe causes of stress.

  • Describe different time management strategies.

  • Explain how time management skills can reduce stress.


Stephanie Carter RDT, RDH, DTLLS, IQA, MDTFEd.

Tutor, Assessor and Internal Moderator

Stephanie is a registered dental hygienist and therapist and holds a level 5 teaching diploma. She is a qualified assessor, internal moderator (quality assurance) and a qualified CPR and medical emergencies trainer. She is a passionate educator, a member of the faculty of dental trainers and has over 18 years experience in the dental industry.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Stress Management for the Dental Team

    • Presentation Slides

    • Course Tutor

    • Introduction

    • Signs and Symptoms

    • Causes

    • Reflection Part 1

    • Managing stress

    • Reflection Part 2

    • Further Reading

    • Test your learning

    • Reflective learning

    • Feedback