Course overview

The Certificate of Competence in Oral Health Education and Promotion is suitable for registered dental nurses (including orthodontic nurses) who want to provide oral health education and promotion – in clinic and in community – unsupervised and as part of direct access. The certificate is an alternative to the NEBDN qualification. We recommend completing the NEBDN qualification if you are planning to apply to university to study dental hygiene. The theory is the same for both but the Record of Competence and certificate is different.

The certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of Modules 1–7 (please purchase and complete prior to starting the assessments), two online tests and the Record of Competence (RoC). It enables oral health educators to work unsupervised. This includes direct access oral health sessions with patients.

Record of Competence

The aim of completing this Record of Competence (RoC) is to demonstrate your ability to provide oral health education and promotion to a range of patients on a variety of oral health topics, both within the dental practice and in the wider community.

Learning objectives

By the time you have completed the RoC, you will:

  1. Be confident in providing appropriate oral health advice to a range of patients, on a range of topics, in a one-to-one session.

  2. Be confident in providing oral health promotion in a group setting.

  3. Be able to identify barriers to good oral health faced by patients and patient groups, and be knowledgeable on ways of overcoming these barriers.

  4. Be able to create your own resources for use in oral health promotion.

RoC sections

The RoC consists of the following five parts:

  • Part 1 – In clinic OHE appointments.

  • Part 2 – Display.

  • Part 3 – Resources.

  • Part 4 – Group sessions. 

  • Part 5 – Course feedback and signed/completed witness list. 

RoC instructions

General dental practice

OHE ROC Instructions .pdf

Specialist orthodontic practice only

OHE_ROC_Instructions_Orthodontic Nurses.pdf

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Certificate of Competence in Oral Health Promotion
  • 2

    Record of Competence Information

    • Record of Competence Instructions: Objectives
    • Record of Competence Instructions: RoC sections
    • Record of Competence Instructions: Before you start the RoC
    • DNN OHE ROC Instructions
  • 3

    Part 1: In-clinic OHE appointments

    • Part 1: In-clinic OHE appointments
    • Witness guidance and information
    • Part 1 – In clinic OHE appointments template visit 1
    • Part 1 – In clinic OHE appointments template visit 2
  • 4

    Part 2: Displays

    • Part 2: Displays
    • Display submission form
  • 5

    Part 3: Creating resources

    • Part 3: Creating resources
    • Submission form
  • 6

    Part 4: Group sessions

    • Part 4: Group sessions
    • Group session plan
    • Part 4 assessment template
    • Part 4 Group Session Participant Feedback form
  • 7

    Part 5: Feedback and Witness

    • Supervisor Witness Signature
    • Course feedback submission form
  • 8

    Oral Health Toolkit

    • DoH OHE Toolkit
    • DoH Toolkit Quiz - Complete after reading DoH Oral Health Toolkit
    • Reflection
    • Feedback


Stephanie Carter RDT, RDH, DTLLS.

Stephanie Carter RDT, RDH, DTLLS.

Tutor, Assessor and Internal Moderator

Stephanie is a registered dental hygienist and therapist and holds a level 5 teaching diploma. She is a qualified assessor and her main role is teaching and quality assurance. She is a passionate educator and has over 13 years experience in the dental industry.
Hilary  Urry RDN

Hilary Urry RDN


Hilary holds a foundation degree in Advanced Dental Nursing (University of Kent) and is seriously passionate about her role as assessor for the oral health education course. She is an excellent support and guide for students and is there to help you pass your assessments.
Joanne Nejrup RDN, BSc, PG Cert (Educator in Practice).

Joanne Nejrup RDN, BSc, PG Cert (Educator in Practice).


Joanne is a registered dental nurse who is seriously passionate about personal development. She holds a Bachelor of Science and is currently completing her Masters. She is a qualified educator in practice. Alongside teaching and assessing she works as an oral health promoter 2 days per week.