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Accredited high-quality online training. Exams are now held online. We offer free virtual oral health training as part of the course.

The distance learning NEBDN accredited Oral Health Education course is suited to registered dental nurses who desire to become qualified oral health educators. The course is an excellent stepping stone towards retraining to become a hygienist. 

Entry requirements

Flexible Learning Options

Who should apply?

You should only enrol for this course if you are employed, qualified, registered, indemnified and:

  1. Have emailed the required documentation below;*
  2. Are able to meet the NEBDN record of competence requirements - see below.
  3. Have access to a computer and the internet;
  4. Are passionate about promoting good oral health.

* We require the following documents completed and signed by yourself and your employer.

Please email  scanned copies (you may take photos and email these) to

  1. NEBDN_OHE_Qualification_Application_0721.docx
  3. TPMF_Post_Registration_Qualification
  4. DNN OHE NEBDN Qualification_ Terms 2020.pdf
  5. DNN Service Level Agreement .docx

NEBDN Record of Competence

Assessment information

The RoC must take a minimum of three months to complete and includes:

A) Assessment of seven patients, four of whom must each be seen twice.

B) Production of a detailed written case study (with a word count of 2250-2750 words). This is usually one of the patients from the topic ranges requiring second visits.

C) Supplementary outcomes including:

  • An exhibition demonstrating knowledge of the syllabus
  • A record of verifiable CPD relevant to oral health education
  • A reflective account

You must have access to the following topic ranges:

To be seen on two occasions
Prevention of Caries
Periodontal Disease
Non-Carious Tooth Surface Loss
Oral Conditions
To be seen on one occasion
Care of Dentures 
Care of Fixed Prosthesis
Care of Orthodontic Appliance

 Throughout your RoC, you need to see at least five of the patient groups below:

Pregnant / nursing mothers
Parents of pre-school children (4 and under)
Parents of primary school children (5 – 11)
Adolescents (12–15)
Adults (16–64)
Seniors (65 and older)
People with special needs / medically comprised people

Start Dates

100% of our students passed the March 2021 NEBDN exam

Exams are held online in March and September of each year. The next available exam dates are Friday 11 March 2022 or Friday 9 September 2022 and the next course start dates is:

  • Monday 6 September 2021

Payment Options

  • Pay online – instant access

  • Pay by telephone – 020 7193 0584

  • Request invoice – email

Payment Plan Information

Upon making the first deposit payment, the next monthly payment will be automatically deducted one month after the first payment. The monthly payments will continue each month until all payments have been made. If the payment is not made, it is rejected or the card declines, DNN reserves the right to unenrol you from the course. If this happens, please contact within 3-5 working days.

Refund Policy

The refund policy only applies if you have paid the course fee in full (£695.00) and does not apply if you paid by payment plan. Payment plan payments will not be refunded.

Modules 1-7 are non-refundable, and are valued at £199.00 including VAT.

Remaining fee: £496.00

If you have NOT completed the exam enrolment forms and applied for the RoC or started the RoC assessment tutorials, the remainder of the course fee is part-refundable. See table below:

Cancel within 30 days Receive refund: £496.00 minus £50.00 processing fee.
Cancel within 60 days

Receive refund: £496.00 minus £75.00 processing fee.

Cancel within 90 days

Receive refund: £496.00 minus £125.00 processing fee.
Cancel after 90 days


  • What happens if I can't sit the exam I have registered for?

    You can defer the exam if you are unable to attend it or if you do not complete your RoC in time. The current fee for this is £30.00 (this is subject to change). When you register for an exam, you only have three attempts to sit the exam. For example, if you defer your first exam, this will count as one attempt and you would have two attempts left. Please contact directly if you need to defer. Please note that there may be additional charges with DNN depending on when your online course and support access is due to expire.

  • What happens if I use up all my exam attempts?

    If you use up all your exam attempts due to failing or deferring exams you will need to restart the course again.

  • What if I fail my exam?

    NEBDN currently charges £175.00 to resit an exam. NEBDN charges are subject to change.

  • Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel?

    The NEBDN exam fee is non-refundable. If you have purchased this and not completed the exam entry forms, DNN will refund part of the payment. Please see above refund policy.


Melanie Pomphrett MSc, Fdsc, RDH, PTLLS

Head Tutor

Melanie is a registered dental hygienist, qualified tutor and recently completed a Masters degree . She is the head tutor and one of the support tutors for the course. Melanie is passionate about dental education and is a dedicated tutor.

Stephanie Carter RDT, RDH, DTLLS.

Tutor, Assessor and Internal Moderator

Stephanie is a registered dental hygienist and therapist and holds a level 5 teaching diploma. She is a qualified assessor and her main role is teaching and quality assurance. She is a passionate educator and has over 13 years experience in the dental industry.

Hilary Urry RDN


Hilary holds a foundation degree in Advanced Dental Nursing (University of Kent) and is seriously passionate about her role as assessor for the oral health education course. She is an excellent support and guide for students and is there to help you pass your assessments.

Call 020 7193 0584

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